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Food by category: Soups

Matzo Ball Soup

This is our Mama’s Chicken Broth with vegetables, and a giant Matzo Ball in the center.     .     .     .

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Mama’s Chicken Soup

Penicillin that does not require a prescription, our version hails  from the old country. Whole chickens are simmered over low heat. The perfect cure for the common cold, or just an empty stomach. Comes with large cuts of chicken and is gluten free without noodles.

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Three Cheese Broccoli Please

The best broccoli and cheese soup you’ve ever tasted! Velvety smooth cheesiness teamed with our favorite childhood little trees will have you asking for more…please!

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“Tomato You” Basil

Tomatoes meet carrots (your eye doctor is smiling), fresh basil and plenty of herbs a perfect blended concoction. For a finale, Gorgonzola cheese is added before serving.

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KGB Borscht

A recipe obtained from a spy swap, this Borscht comes from an old, secret recipe in Belarus and travels well. Starting with an all-organic veggie base, this broth can also be served with whole white chicken to create a full healthy meal. Served with sour cream…just like the old country.

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Ybor Chili

Slowly cooked chili, made with Italian sausage, ground beef and pulled Cuban mojo pork, served with aged sharp cheddar.  The combination of Italian and Cuban ingredients makes it YBOR.

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Chili Cincinnati Style

Our bowl of chili over a bed of pasta served with garlic bread.

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“Fabulous” French Onion

Aptly named for the remarkable woman who helped me perfect this Classic French Onion… baked and topped with toasted bread, Provolone and Swiss Cheese until it bubbles.     .     .     .

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